XIV. Slur reclamation and homonymy (with Zu Jusińska)

10th WFAP Graduate Conference: Just Saying (Vienna), July 2021, hybrid

XIII. Revisionist attitude reports and inference patterns

1st European experimental philosophy conference (Prague), June 2021, online

XII. Belief reports are ambiguous

The 2021 Postgraduate Session (Hertfordshire), July 2021, online
PhiLang 2021 (Lodz), May 2021, online

XI. A paper on social epistemology (with Shannon Brick)

1st European experimental philosophy conference (Prague), June 2021, online
Group for empirical approaches to morality and society, April 2021, online
Understanding Value IX (Sheffield), December 2020, online
Binghamton University 2020 SPEL Graduate Philosophy Conference, November 2020, online
Bowling Green Graduate Philosophy Conference, November 2020, online
Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference, September 2020, online

X. Defending Sosa against the Eiffel Tower objection

XV Philosophers’ Rally, June 2019, Cracow, Poland

IX. Against ‘the input view’ of legal gaps

Ethics and Political, Social and Legal Annual Conference, November 2018, Flint, MI, USA

VIII. Just more theory’ revisited (with Filip Kawczyński)

Context, Cognition, and Communication, June 2018, Warsaw, Poland

VII. Tekstualizm wyrafinowany M. Matczaka a sankcje administracyjne

Administrować i Karać, May 2018, Warsaw, Poland

VI. Experts on Truth

The Ninth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, August 2017, Munich, Germany

V. The Paradox of Synthesis

PhiLang 2017, May 2017, Łódź, Poland

IV. Against advanced modal claims: disambiguating between intra- and trans-world quantification

SOPhiA 2016, September 2016, Salzburg, Austria

III. Who needs to retract assertions?

XII Philosophers’ Rally, July 2016, Białystok, Poland

II. Gamer’s time, avatar’s time. A perspective on immersion and interaction in narrative video games

50 Shades of Popular Culture, February 2016, Cracow, Poland

I. Can a consequentialist be a good friend?

XI Philosophers’ Rally, July 2015, Lublin, Poland